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The importance of agricultural water-saving irrigation


The importance of agricultural water-saving irrigation […]

The importance of agricultural water-saving irrigation
Water-saving irrigation, in simple terms, refers to the use of advanced agricultural water-saving technologies to improve irrigation water utilization and water productivity. In other words, water-saving irrigation is a form of irrigation that uses as little water input as possible to obtain as much crop output as possible. The content of water-saving irrigation roughly includes: rational development and utilization of water resources; water-saving engineering technology; water-saving agricultural technology; water-saving management technology.

Water is an irreplaceable resource for human survival and the foundation of sustainable economic and social development. From a macro point of view, on the one hand, water resources are very scarce. On the other hand, due to the aging and low seepage prevention rate of water transmission and distribution projects, the low level of field irrigation and unreasonable irrigation have caused serious waste of water resources. Due to the lack of water resources, the development of agriculture has been restricted. In order to meet the requirements of the socialist market economy system, we should start with business management and vigorously promote water-saving irrigation. Therefore, the promotion of water-saving irrigation technology is not only a top priority, but also the only way for the survival and development of irrigation areas.

Due to the low construction standards of irrigation facilities in the current irrigation area, insufficient investment in renovation and maintenance funds, lack of timely maintenance of facilities, serious aging and disrepair of some buildings, extensive water management, backward field irrigation methods and technologies, and the relatively low channel lining rate in the irrigation area Most of them are soil channels, and the leakage loss in the process of water delivery and water distribution is great, and a lot of irrigation water is wasted and lost. Through the development of water-saving irrigation, the development of high-quality, high-efficiency, and high-yield agriculture can be promoted, and agricultural production and farmers' income can be increased. The popularization of water-saving irrigation can also promote agricultural mechanization, intensification, and improvement of modernization levels, and enhance the stamina of agricultural development. The development of water-saving irrigation can also drive the development of water-saving irrigation equipment manufacturing and other related industries, and improve the technological level of agricultural irrigation equipment. Therefore, the development of water-saving irrigation is extremely important, and agricultural water-saving irrigation technology should be vigorously promoted and popularized.


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