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How much do you know about smart irrigation?


How much do you know about smart irrigation? Intelligen […]

How much do you know about smart irrigation?
Intelligent irrigation, as the name suggests, is a kind of automatic irrigation that does not require manual monitoring, automatically senses irrigation demand information, and automatically executes irrigation tasks.
Dynamic irrigation mode. Intelligent irrigation integrates modern technologies such as computer technology, sensor technology, and wireless communication technology. Currently in agriculture
Development, garden construction, etc. have been widely used, making irrigation activities transition from labor-intensive to technology-intensive. At the same time, it also helps us
The sustainable use of China’s water resources has made a significant contribution. Intelligent irrigation is divided into many types according to the control method and power source, the most commonly used

There are three systems: wireless remote control, solar energy and bus control, which can be selected reasonably according to the actual situation.
Irrigation is the most difficult problem in agriculture. Traditional artificial irrigation is not only a waste of manpower, but also labor
Irrigation cannot accurately grasp the amount of soil moisture, which leads to uneven irrigation and waste of water resources to varying degrees. Such
Irrigation is to be avoided as far as possible for crops. It will cause drought or waterlogging in certain areas, and will also affect crop growth and yield.
And product quality.
The emergence of smart irrigation systems has solved the irrigation problems in smart agriculture. The intelligent irrigation system first senses the soil moisture in the area
Compare the data obtained by the monitoring device with the big data of smart agriculture, or compare the collected data with the needs and stop irrigation set by the user
The upper and lower limit data are compared, and then by judging whether irrigation is needed or whether to open sprinkler irrigation or drip irrigation. Intelligent irrigation system
The use of sensor networks can realize real-time monitoring, display and dynamic management of irrigation water. Use wireless sensor sensors to monitor soil
The soil moisture effectively realizes the automatic management of irrigation water.
Intelligent irrigation can save land, manpower and water. According to the growth index of the crop and the soil environment to control the irrigation time and
Water quantity can improve the quality of fruits and vegetables and increase yield. It can well carry out the design of water and fertilizer integration. Reduce the amount of weeding and control
Irrigation water flows on a farm, and the plots that are not irrigated will not grow weeds. Regulate the air humidity for plant growth and avoid some diseases


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