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How to adjust the direction and size of the sprinkler head?


Having a home irrigation system can be a great way to k […]

Having a home irrigation system can be a great way to keep your lawn properly watered, while saving you the time and trouble of manual operation.
Unfortunately, many homeowners find that they are very scared of the idea of ​​installing sprinkler systems on their properties.
Because they have no confidence in their operation and maintenance.
Specifically, knowing how to adjust the sprinklers according to needs is a must, for any homeowner with an irrigation system,
Because doing so ensures that the lawn gets even water coverage and is not oversprayed in the process.
How to adjust traditional spray nozzles other than the rotor head. Many homeowners breathed a sigh of relief.
Found that learning how to adjust the nozzle is easier than they thought,
Regardless of the specific type or brand they use.

How to adjust the sprinkler
There are many reasons why you may need to learn how to adjust the print head.
The most common situation is when the head is sprayed on the sidewalk/
This can happen on the sidewalk or when your lawn is not properly covered.
Fortunately, in most cases, adjusting the nozzle is very simple.
At the top of most nozzles is a small screw that is used to adjust the head itself.
Using a small screwdriver, you need to tighten or loosen this adjustment screw to achieve the desired effect.
Generally speaking, if you have problems with overspray, you can turn the screw clockwise to reduce water pressure.
Turning counterclockwise will produce the opposite result.
You can also turn the screw to adjust the spray direction on the lawn to ensure even water coverage throughout the year.
The video below shows how to successfully adjust the print head nozzle.

How to adjust the rotor head
You need adjustment keys to increase/decrease your arc and change your spray direction.
If you need a key, you can buy it here.

To increase the curvature of the rotor head, you need to insert the plastic key into the adjustment socket, which is located on the top of each nozzle.
Turn the adjustment wrench clockwise to complete a 360-degree movement. This will increase the arc by 90 degrees each time you turn the wrench one full turn.
This can be done until you reach a full 360 degree arc, at which point you will no longer be able to turn the wrench and you will hear a ratcheting noise.
To reduce the arc, just turn the adjustment wrench counterclockwise.
Each time it is executed, the arc will be reduced by 90 degrees until it reaches the minimum arc of 40 or 50 degrees (depending on your specific model).
This may be necessary when you want to prevent overspraying or want to spray water on the sidewalks and sidewalks of your property.
How to adjust the characteristic rotor head

Then you need to follow a set of different steps to adjust the spray.
These rotor heads use a unique click disk and memory ring system to control the arc and spray radius,
So you need to remove the cap of each nozzle to access these small parts.

Specifically, small plastic protrusions (or "collars") can be used to adjust the storage disk to set a new injection point.
To increase the spray radius of the nozzle, you need to completely remove the black tapping disc, and then manually adjust the nozzle,
Until the nozzle points to the center of the target area.
From there, when you reinstall the black click on the setup disk,
You can turn it upside down (with the gray side facing up) and adjust its collar to the desired spray angle.
This is great for ensuring that you do not waste water (and make your neighbors an enemy) by spraying sidewalks and sidewalks unnecessarily during watering.
On the other hand, to get uniform coverage on the rotor nozzle, then you can simply click on the black
Adjust any collar face up instead of adjusting it to full circle. This is usually the recommended setting for the sprinkler, located in the center of the lawn and away from the sidewalk.
As you can see, adjusting sprinklers for spray and rotor sprinklers is much easier than you originally thought.


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