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How to choose high-end garden hose?


How to choose high-end garden hose? In the more than 40 […]

How to choose high-end garden hose?
In the more than 40 years of reform and opening up, people’s quality of life has made a qualitative leap in many good environments in the country. Automobiles have been widely used in ordinary families. Among those who get rich first, villas have become more and more important. Many people have a choice of quality life. Watering and irrigating the garden is not all the daily work of gardeners. It has also become an important part of the quality of life. For example, picking a bunch of flowers every day and placing them where you want will make you feel relaxed and happy all day, and car washing has also become some car owners. Everyday, after all, while pursuing a quality of life, such as watering the garden and high-end garden hose watering the flowers represents an attitude to life.

In China, traditional plastic hoses are constantly knotted during use, and need to be combed and straightened repeatedly...otherwise, the water flow will be blocked or stuck. After the traditional plastic hose is connected to the faucet, the user needs to go back and forth between the water outlet and the faucet, which not only wastes a lot of time and energy, but also causes a waste of resources.
Due to the limitation of the material, the traditional garden plastic hose cannot quickly return to its original shape after being flattened or bent, resulting in uneven water flow and poor water flow.

Tianshuo high-end garden hoses are widely used in gardening companies, flower markets, real estate companies, villas, gifts, home watering and car washing, etc. It has multiple uses. The biggest feature of the hose:

1) Solve the problems of knotting and poor water flow due to material problems.

2) Its own water inlet and outlet fittings, through the mobile faucet, solve the problem of switching water at the last 50m.

3) Adopt polymer four-layer composite structure, strong pressure resistance, anti-kink technology, smooth water flow, convenient use, super elasticity, toughness, and no memory.

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