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Overview of sprinkler head types


Sprinkler irrigation nozzle is an indispensable equipme […]

Sprinkler irrigation nozzle is an indispensable equipment in garden water-saving irrigation. Pressure water is sprayed into the air through it, scattered into small water droplets and sprayed evenly on the lawn planting area. Buried telescopic sprinklers are more common in green field irrigation, and their structural characteristics and performance components are important common sense that buyers need to understand. Mastering the performance of sprinklers can better select and maintain sprinklers.
There are many types of sprinklers. According to their working pressure and control range, they can be divided into low-pressure nozzles (or short-range nozzles), medium-pressure nozzles (or medium-range nozzles) and high-pressure nozzles (or long-range nozzles).
Fixed scatter-type telescopic sprinkler, circular scatter-type adjustable telescopic sprinkler sprinkler: an adjustable device is set on the sprinkler, so that the spraying surface is sprayed in the whole garden and sprayed at different angles.

Square scattering adjustable telescopic sprinkler nozzle: After changing different types of nozzles, the spray distance is controlled to form a square and rectangular spray surface.
Rotating jet telescopic nozzles can be divided into the following types according to different methods of driving the nozzles to rotate: Impact rocker telescopic nozzle: This is the earliest telescopic nozzle, the rocker nozzle is placed in the shell, and the rocker arm undergoes mechanical and hydraulic action. , The impact nozzle rotates to achieve the goal of uniform spraying.
The rocker-arm sprinkler head can adjust the rotation angle and spray distance. The water shape is beautiful, the spraying is even, the working pressure is low, and the spraying distance is large. It is mostly used on a larger area of ​​lawn. Ball-driven telescopic sprinkler: This driving method is often used for spraying sprinklers with a small radius, which has a relatively easy structure and is mostly used for irrigation of small green spaces.
Gear-driven rotating telescopic sprinkler nozzle: This is a sprinkler with a relatively complex structure. The production process is difficult, the requirements are high, and the material is high-quality. It is manufactured by only a few large manufacturers in the world. Its advantages are: good water conservancy performance, stable and reliable operation, large working pressure area, etc. The gear that drives the rotation of the nozzle is mostly deployed on the central axis, and the adjustment position is also centered.
In addition, in the same project or the same round irrigation group of a project, it is best to choose a sprinkler of similar model or performance to facilitate the control of irrigation uniformity and the operation and management of the entire system. Among the projects that have been built, some are pursuing the effect of waterscape in a one-sided manner, and various sprinklers with completely different performances are installed, so that the uniformity of irrigation cannot be guaranteed.
For lawn irrigation that not only requires water saving but also beautification, the selected sprinkler should be exposed as little as possible or not exposed to the ground when it does not spray water. The spraying uniformity should be relatively high, and it can be easily adjusted The spray angle and range are suitable for the complex and changeable terrain. At the same time, the spray shape is unique, and the combined waterscape is spectacular, which can be in harmony with the entire landscape.

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