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Types and characteristics of irrigation sprinklers


As we all know, in Northwest my country, the rainfall i […]

As we all know, in Northwest my country, the rainfall is low, the wind is strong, and the evaporation is large. The drift loss of using sprinklers will be very large. Compared with drip irrigation, large sprinklers have no obvious advantages. But if your planting area is very large and the crops are densely planted crops, such as alfalfa, wheat, etc., drip irrigation cannot meet the economic requirements. At this time, you can change the sprinkler irrigation method to the irrigation sprinkler, and you can still use the sprinkler irrigation machine.
Users who are familiar with pointer sprinklers know that the nozzle numbers are gradually arranged from small to large. Generally speaking, the closer to the center point, the smaller the nozzle number, and the larger the nozzle is, which is understood by everyone. But what does the familiar No. 20 nozzle and No. 21 nozzle mean?

At present, the commonly used nozzles are mainly divided into three categories: large nozzles, medium nozzles and micro nozzles. Common large nozzles mainly include Z-Y2 nozzles, four nozzles, and three nozzles. Medium-sized sprinklers mainly include Z10 medium-sized sprinklers and butterfly-shaped medium-sized sprinklers. There are the most types of micro sprinklers frequently used in greenhouses and fields, mainly cross-atomized micro sprinklers, refraction atomized micro sprinklers, square light mist micro sprinklers, square large runner micro sprinklers, double-sided wheel micro sprinklers, Pennant micro When sprinklers and gardens are irrigated, because the shapes of the plots are often different, the sprinklers that match the plot area should be selected. For small lawns, you can choose scattering sprinklers. For small and medium-sized lawns, you can choose medium and small range rotating sprinklers. For large public green spaces or parks, you can choose medium and long range sprinklers. All kinds of stadiums should use medium and long range sprinklers. Trample function.
Different micro-sprinklers have corresponding models, normal working pressure, spray range and water output. When in use, users can choose according to their own needs (for example, when humidification and cooling is required in a greenhouse, a cross-atomized micro-sprinkler or a kunaite micro-sprinkler with better atomization effect can be used). The use of micro-sprinkler head includes two types: constant hanging micro-spray combination and ground-insertion micro-spray combination. Field sprinkler irrigation (big sprinkler) can be divided into three types: mobile sprinkler irrigation, semi-fixed sprinkler irrigation and fixed sprinkler irrigation. The mobile pipeline can be made of aluminum alloy pipes or plastic-coated hoses.

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