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Variety of sprinklers


The methods of garden sprinkler irrigation and garden i […]

The methods of garden sprinkler irrigation and garden irrigation are relatively uniform, and they basically use buried revolving sprinklers. The effects of spraying are rain curtain sprinkler irrigation and ray sprinkler irrigation. The effect of the picture below is the most commonly used radial buried rotating sprinkler in garden irrigation. Adjustable spray angle 0~360 degrees.
Sprinkler irrigation: the abbreviation of sprinkler irrigation, is a method of using special equipment to send pressurized water to the irrigated area, and irrigate through the sprinkler irrigation nozzle uniformly. It includes sprinkler irrigation products, irrigation systems, zoning principles, pipe diameter selection, irrigation control and many other aspects. There are many contents in each aspect. If you are interested, we will make a series to share with you step by step. Sprinkler flow rate: the amount of water sprayed by the sprinkler nozzle in a unit hour, the unit is generally m³/h. Nozzle range: when the nozzle is working normally, the radius of the effective wetting range for spraying. Sprinkler irrigation intensity: Everyone is familiar with the intensity of precipitation, that is, the amount of precipitation per unit time or a certain period of time. Similarly, for an irrigation system, precipitation intensity refers to the “speed” of a certain sprinkler or the entire irrigation system, that is, the depth of water sprayed on the ground per unit time, which is called irrigation intensity.

Irrigation water consumption is related to plants, soil and meteorological parameters. Newly planted lawns must be kept moist, and newly transplanted irrigates need to be watered once or twice a day. Growing plants need more and deeper, small but frequent irrigation.
The watering amount mentioned in some specifications is too large, which is easy to cause unnecessary waste and is not conducive to the maintenance of gardens and lawns. Here are some reference values ​​from the actual application of water demand.
At any angle and range, there is a matching sprinkler irrigation intensity. The sprinkler irrigation intensity is about 10mm/hr, which can effectively reduce ground runoff. Generally, the soil infiltration rate is below 20mm/h
All models can adjust the range of 25%, and still maintain the matching irrigation strength after the range is adjusted; the range is from 1.5 m side bar to 10.7 m
The multiple rays of MP sprinkler nozzles accurately cover all areas of the landscape, and have better uniformity than traditional scattering nozzles. Each ray faces a specific area, which can achieve higher efficiency and uniform coverage. MP nozzles are built-in 40 mesh nozzle filter.
There is also an inherent advantage in sprinkler irrigation equipment. There is a widely used sprinkler in sprinkler irrigation called rocker sprinkler. It uses an external rocker arm device to enable the nozzle to continuously rotate during the spraying process to expand the spraying range, but the rocker arm itself consumes additional energy. The river water or groundwater drawn by the drip irrigation system will carry sediment, which requires a sedimentation tank or a filter to purify the water source, otherwise cleaning up the blockage or replacing the sprinkler will increase the cost. The spontaneous vibration of the design may shake out the sand blocked there, saving the cost of installing a filter system.

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