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Why are green plants irrigated with antifreeze water?


In the north, the winter is long, the days are short an […]

In the north, the winter is long, the days are short and the weather is cold, dry and windy, and evaporation is strong. Watering with antifreeze water is an important measure to ensure the safe overwintering of plants.
Greening plants are irrigated with antifreeze water to improve the cold resistance of plants.

Antifreeze water is generally carried out before the soil is frozen from late October to early November. It is best to combine the application of basal fertilizer in autumn and potting with frozen water after fertilization. Poured
Too early, not only delays the fruit tree from entering the dormant period, it is easy to convert flower buds into leaf buds, which will affect the fruit setting rate in the next year, but also make the soil harden.
hardening. If watering is too late, freezing damage will easily occur.

The irrigation amount of antifreeze water is based on the degree that the water penetrates 50-100 cm into the soil after irrigation. Too little can not meet the needs, and too much water will flush fertilizer elements.
Washing to the rootless area not only causes the loss of fertilizer and waste, but also does not save water, electricity and labor. Can be placed on the tree tray after 2 to 3 hours of irrigation
Digging a hole on the periphery can see the depth of water seepage.

According to the principle of temperature index. The temperature index suitable for pouring, sealing, and freezing water is about 3°C ​​per day. Pouring too early, the temperature is higher,
Evaporation is large, the surface is prone to compaction, cracking, and rapid moisture loss, and insufficient moisture content appears in the late winter.

If the winter irrigation is too late, the water will not easily seep that day, and the wheat seedlings will suffer freezing damage or suffocation due to freezing on the ground; the key is to grasp the time. Pouring frozen water
The most suitable time is when the night freezes and the day disappears. As the saying goes, the night freezes and the day disappears. It is just right to pour freezing water.

The specific technical parameters are: in cold winter years, when the daily average temperature is 0℃—1.5℃, the ground will freeze and the seedlings will die. "Heavy Snow" Festival Winter
The irrigated wheat has fewer spikelets, which is 6.7% lower than that of the Lidong Festival. The average temperature of the day began to drop to 7-8℃, to about 3℃,
It is advisable to finish pouring.

The main benefits of watering antifreeze water are:
The first is to ensure proper water supply during the overwintering period, and have the effect of winter water and spring use and prevention of spring drought;
The second is to improve the thermal conductivity of the soil, which can effectively reduce the rapid temperature change between the ground and prevent freezing damage caused by the sharp rise and fall of temperature;
The third is to stabilize the soil, compensate for cracks, and reduce overwintering pests.

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