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There are two more prominent problems in planting irrigation.


In the agricultural planting industry, irrigation work […]

In the agricultural planting industry, irrigation work is very important. Reasonable irrigation is an important support to ensure the growth of crops. However, the fact is that there are two more prominent problems in agricultural planting irrigation. Or, excessive irrigation leads to waste of water resources and crop root rot. Of course, this problem has a lot to do with farmers' experience of irrigation. In fact, with the development of modern agricultural science and technology, it is no longer a problem to achieve rationalization and precision of irrigation. Using a soil profile moisture meter to accurately measure the soil moisture content of crops can provide guidance for irrigation.
Know that our country ’s annual agricultural plantation has a very low utilization rate of irrigation water resources, or even only half, which means that more than half of the water resources in agricultural irrigation are wasted. Therefore, it is very important to use the soil profile moisture meter to measure the moisture content. Everyone knows that there is already a method for measuring soil moisture, that is, the drying method, so why do we need to develop a soil profile moisture analyzer? Does this instrument have advantages over the previous drying method?
First of all, we need to understand how the drying method measures soil moisture. In the past, when the staff used this method, they basically used a soil drill or a small shovel to take the soil sample to be measured, and then took out the soil sample with a ring knife, and then moved the soil sample to a dry aluminum box. Weigh the soil sample for a 0.1 gram balance, then place the soil sample in a high-temperature drying oven and bake it for 6-8 hours, and finally determine the quality of the dried soil sample. By comparing the weight difference, we can get the water content in the soil. This method seems simple and intuitive, but it will interfere with the continuity of the soil water and is less representative, and the work intensity is also very large. Using this method to measure soil moisture is quite inappropriate for irrigation guidance.
However, the soil profile moisture analyzer is completely different. This instrument can simultaneously measure relevant soil parameters at different depths and upload them to the data center through the GPRS network. It can be said that only the instrument needs to be installed in the field, then the moisture information at each depth will be Real-time and accurate feedback to the staff, the data ensures a certain timeliness, then the staff does not need to operate too much, the work intensity is also greatly reduced, and the irrigation plan can be formulated in time for reasonable and precise irrigation, thus Provide a good soil moisture environment for crops.

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