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Changes brought about by agricultural informatization


With the modern development of agriculture, various new […]

With the modern development of agriculture, various new technologies are gradually applied to agricultural production, including Internet of Things technology and information technology. After combining these two technologies, modern agriculture has naturally derived a diversified agricultural production model, and agricultural informatization construction has become the current main development direction. Of course, in the process of developing agricultural informatization, as a comprehensive display and processing platform for agricultural information, the use of the agricultural cloud platform has played a supporting role to a large extent.
So what kind of technology is the agricultural cloud platform? What benefits can this technology bring to modern agriculture?
First of all, we need to understand that the agricultural cloud platform is a new agricultural production method that integrates Internet, mobile Internet, cloud computing and Internet of Things technologies. It combines with a scientific management system to allow a variety of information technologies to be integrated in agriculture And comprehensive application, which will accelerate the rapid development of agriculture. Pioneering the use of agricultural cloud platforms can enable "wisdom" and "connection" of agriculture, enhance the ability of information technology innovation for agricultural and rural services, and gradually realize the in-depth integration of information technology and agricultural modernization, promote the improvement of agricultural quality and efficiency, Energy saving.
Someone may ask what changes can agricultural informatization bring to modern agriculture? How to reflect the role of agricultural cloud platform? Let us first understand the changes brought about by agricultural informatization:
1. Accuracy: Use wireless sensor networks, satellite positioning, wireless radio frequency and other Internet of Things sensing technologies to accurately obtain massive data on agricultural production, ecological environment, and changes in supply and demand.
2. Standardization: Relying on agricultural scientific research institutions, integrating agricultural expert resources, promoting industry best practice experience, guiding the standardized production of agricultural products, improving the level of intensive management; reducing the randomness and blindness of traditional production processes, and improving the quality and safety of agricultural products.
3. Personalization: use intelligent analysis and directional push technology to integrate massive data to provide personalized information customization services for target customers; help government management departments timely understand agricultural production and the supply and demand dynamics of agricultural products, so that farmers can get timely agricultural technology guidance and policies Guidelines.
4. Automation: The use of remote automation control technology greatly reduces on-site manual operations, saves labor use, improves labor productivity, and reduces labor costs.
5. Ease of use: using mobile Internet technology to provide a three-in-one computer, mobile phone, tablet user experience, the production of the first-line farmers only need to complete all operations through mobile phones, convenient and easy to use
6. Convenience: The use of cloud computing technology for centralized and unified processing of massive data; greatly reduce the cost of IT equipment purchase and maintenance; at the same time, combined with the pay-as-you-go model, allowing agricultural workers and farmers to use the system as convenient as using hydropower .
The role of the agricultural platform is reflected in the support for the construction of agricultural informatization. Through the collection of data by various sensors and the collection of various production and sales data, it can be centrally displayed on the cloud platform and made intelligent processing, which can The information integration capability of modern agriculture is greatly improved, thereby providing guarantee for the healthy development of modern agriculture.

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