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Some Misunderstandings of Irrigation Sprinklers


No fertilization is done through irrigation sprinklers. […]

No fertilization is done through irrigation sprinklers. Simultaneous application of water and fertilizer is the biggest advantage of irrigation sprinklers. The growth of plant roots is water-oriented and fertile-oriented, and the application of fertilizer with irrigation water is most efficient.

Lack of daily maintenance Irrigation sprinklers need to be carefully maintained for optimal performance. Qualified units should frequently flush nozzles and irrigate pipes to ensure the smooth flow of equipment. According to actual needs, you can consider using effective chemical treatment periodically.

There are no pressure gauges and flow meters. These simple devices can help users to "pulse" the irrigation sprinkler to solve the problem of irrigation sprinklers that cannot be accurately judged by the naked eye. Use a pressure gauge to detect the pressure at the head, middle, and end of the nozzle capillary, and compare the design pressure or the water pressure history to determine the nozzle system problems. The flow meter can help users quickly judge the flow of the water source. In addition, the flow data helps to calculate the actual flow and the historical flow of the irrigation system.

Not all irrigation nozzles are of the same quality. Different irrigation nozzles have different raw material quality, production technology and patented technology. More importantly, the structural design of irrigation nozzles of different brands is different. You should choose an irrigation nozzle that can provide uniform water and fertilizer, has anti-blocking performance, and has a long life. Find a professional irrigation nozzle manufacturer to install and maintain the irrigation nozzle.

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