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Precautions for micro-spray belts that must be understood


Users who have used the micro-spraying tape know that t […]

Users who have used the micro-spraying tape know that the micro-spraying tape is a one-time investment, can be used repeatedly and is a very economical product. It has anti-shielding, light resistance, anti-aging, good anti-clogging performance, a variety of hole-shaped layout designs, suitable for different The advantages of crop selection and various spraying effects. If you are just starting to use the micro-spraying belt, the user may not know its use very well. The working principle of the micro-spraying belt is to use pressure to pass water through the water pipe and the micro-spraying pipe belt. Send to the field, through the water outlet on the micro-spray belt, under the action of gravity and air resistance, a drizzle-like spraying effect is formed. Uses: Vegetables, mushrooms, nurseries, orchards, flowers, and greenhouse crops. There are some things to pay attention to when using the micro spray belt, especially when it is just used.
1. At the beginning of use, first check the pressure that the micro-spray belt can withstand to avoid blasting of the micro spray belt.

2. The wall thickness of the micro spray belt is thin. Pay attention to the sharp objects in the soil when laying. Long-term contact with the ground will cause the belt to wear. Pay attention to the pests in the soil to avoid pests biting the micro spray belt.

3. After the laying is completed, the micro-sprinkler belt and the water pump interface should be fixed tightly. Although the water supply pressure of micro-sprinkler irrigation is lower than that of sprinkler irrigation, there is still a certain pressure on the whole. If the interface is loose, the micro-sprinkler belt will fall off easily, which affects irrigation efficiency. .

4. In order to prevent clogging of the orifice, when using the micro-spray belt, untie the tail of the belt for washing. You can also gently tap the tube wall with your hands and tools.

5. The nozzle hole of the micro-spray belt should be facing upward, and it is wrong to lay the nozzle downward. The nozzle downward will not only cause deep leakage of the irrigation water, but also soil erosion, and in serious cases, the roots of plants will be rotten. It is found that when the spout is turned over during the irrigation process, the spout should be adjusted in time.
6. After the water pump starts to supply water, the gate valve should be adjusted according to the width between several micro-spraying belts, from small to large, to a suitable width, and the irrigation is even. Do not adjust the gate valve to the end immediately after the water pump supplies water, otherwise it is easy to cause damage to the micro spray belt.

7. After use, pay attention to the preservation of the micro-spray belt, wash the belt, roll it up, and put it in a cool place to avoid exposure to the sun for next use.


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