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How to choose a dripper when drip irrigation tape?


Drip irrigation belts use plastic pipes (drip irrigatio […]

Drip irrigation belts use plastic pipes (drip irrigation pipe guides) to send water to the roots of crops through orifices or drippers on capillary tubes with a diameter of about 10 mm for local irrigation. It is a dripper or drip irrigation tape that enters through the outflow orifice very small, and drips water drop by drop evenly and slowly into the soil near the roots of the crop.

There are many types of dripper for drip irrigation tape. Some drip irrigation tapes are inlaid with independent drippers, some are inlaid with continuous plastic sheets for the water inlet and outlet channels, and some are double-walled plastic films, which are formed by laminating the inlet and outlet channels on the top. There is a certain difference in the use effect. Below, Henan Yutian Irrigation Equipment will tell you the different effects of different drip irrigation belt drippers.
Drip irrigation tapes with multiple inlets usually have good anti-clogging effects.

Gap-type outlet drip irrigation belts usually have a certain resistance to negative pressure and soil absorption.

The manufacturing cost of the sheet-shaped inner drip irrigation pipe is low, and the transportation cost is low when the wall is thin.

The continuous patch drip irrigation tape with multiple water-saving nozzles has good anti-clogging performance, and the price has nothing to do with the distance between the drippers. It is very suitable for densely planted ridges to grow vegetables.

The columnar drip irrigation pipe has higher strength, but higher cost and higher transportation cost. For crops with wide row spacing, drip irrigation pipes can be used for high-value crops. Drip irrigation pipes can be used for orchards, high-value vegetable fields, and windbreak forest belts.
In the selection of drip irrigation tapes, in-line drip irrigation tapes are usually used more often. In-line drip irrigation tapes are favored by users due to many types of emitter spacing and relatively low prices.

When choosing a drip irrigation belt, the main thing is to choose according to the terrain, topography, and crop spacing, and choose a reasonable irrigation method to achieve good results.

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