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Introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of micro spray belt


The micro-sprinkler belt is a micro-sprinkler irrigatio […]

The micro-sprinkler belt is a micro-sprinkler irrigation product that uses a laser to directly perforate the belt-shaped plastic hose for irrigation. Micro spray belts are widely used in field crops, greenhouse vegetables, flower nurseries, etc. The use of micro spray belts: vegetables, mushrooms, nurseries, orchards, flowers, greenhouse crops. Micro-sprinkler belt, also known as porous tube or micro-sprinkler irrigation pipe, is a water-saving irrigation equipment that uses laser to directly process small water holes on a flattenable plastic hose for drip irrigation or micro-sprinkler irrigation. Sprinkler belts with 3 water outlets, 5 water outlets or more in each group are directly laid on the ground, and the water stream directly in the air can form a micro-sprinkler irrigation effect similar to drizzle. Lay each group of sprinkler strips with a single or double outlet under the mulch, and the water flow can form a drip irrigation effect under the cover of the mulch. Commonly used connecting pipe fittings for micro-spray belt include micro-spray belt bypass, micro-spray belt straight-through, micro-spray belt four-way, and micro-spray belt tee.
    Introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of micro spray belt:
    Advantages of micro spray belt
    1. The water spray is gentle, similar to drizzle to irrigate crops, evenly and moderately, does not damage the crops, does not accumulate water, and maintains good soil properties.
    2. Simple structure, low investment, efficient and practical.
    3. Strong resistance to clogging, easy to remove clogging, and clean water without filtering.
    4. Low operating pressure (minimum working pressure can be 3-5 meters water pressure), low energy consumption, and reduced investment in water supply equipment.
    5. Wear resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight, strong flexibility, simple installation and use, can be coiled for use during irrigation, and convenient for transportation and storage.
    6. Improve the field microclimate and reduce crop diseases and insect pests caused by dryness and high temperature.
    Insufficiency of micro spray tape
    1. The water jet sprayed by the micro-spraying belt is dispersed, not far from the spray, and the range is small (the spray range of various micro-spray belts of existing products is about 1.5-10m, that is, the range is 0.75-5m. 1.5-3m micro spray belt)
    2. Due to the flexibility of the plastic hose, the micro-spray belt is not easy to be accurately positioned during use, and it is easily affected by the terrain to offset the angle, so the nozzle hole of the micro-spray belt is more difficult to spray at the ideal angle.
    3. Excessive use pressure may cause cracking.
    4. Improper stretching and twisting of the pipe strap may cause shortened service life and damage
    5. The pressure resistance value of the plastic hose is small
    6. The wall of the micro-spray tube is thin (generally the wall thickness is less than 0.5mm), which is easy to be scratched by sharp objects on the ground.
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