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How good is the comparison between PE pipe and other plastic pipes?


1. The thermal conductivity of PE pipe is weak, so the […]

1. The thermal conductivity of PE pipe is weak, so the heat of the pipe is easier to lose if it is heated in a short period of time. Therefore, PE pipe is not suitable for hot water pipes, but it is an excellent domestic water supply pipe. PE pipe has high abrasion resistance and considerable resistance to external forces. PE pipe has good corrosion resistance. PE pipes have undergone 3 generations of innovation, PE63/PE80/PE100, the continuous progress and renewal of PE pipes are also a highlight of PE pipes.
   PVC is mostly used in the water supply and drainage inside the building, mainly because the MRS of PVC is about 2.5 to 3 times that of PE pipes. Therefore, the PVC pipe has a thin wall and a large flow area. PE pipes are often used in municipal pipe networks. Whether to use PVC or PE in building water supply and drainage depends on the actual situation. The installation of PE pipes is relatively troublesome, especially for large-caliber pipes. Up to 6-7 ports can be welded a day, and the welding equipment is expensive, but it has good toughness, can resist heavy loads and large foundation settlements, and is safe to use Relatively higher performance, PVC pipes are easy to install and inexpensive, but they are not resistant to heavy pressure. They are used in places where there is no heavy load such as indoors or sidewalks.

  2. Compared with the characteristics of several plastic pipes, PE pipes are light in weight, good in toughness, low temperature resistance, non-toxic, cheap, strong in impact resistance, but low in compression and tensile strength. The connection method is flange thread connection and hot melt welding, which can be used for rainwater pipes, gas pipes, industrial corrosion-resistant pipes, etc.
   (1) PVC pipe. Good tensile and compression resistance, poor flexibility compared with other plastic pipes, and excellent corrosion resistance. It is the cheapest of all kinds of plastic pipes, but it is brittle at low temperature. The main connection methods are socket rubber ring connection and adhesion. Connection, flange thread connection. Used for water supply and drainage, irrigation, gas supply, exhaust pipes, rainwater pipes, wire conduits, industrial anticorrosive pipes, etc. in industry and mining, residential life, and agriculture. (2) CPVC pipe. It has outstanding heat resistance, heat distortion temperature of 100 degrees, and excellent chemical resistance. The connection method is bonding and flange threaded connection. It can be used as a hot water pipe. (3) PP pipe. It has good corrosion resistance, good strength, high surface hardness, smooth surface, and good high temperature resistance. The connection method is flange threaded connection and hot melt welding. It can be used for chemical sewage, sea water, oil and irrigation pipelines. (4) ABS tube. Excellent corrosion resistance, lighter weight, higher heat resistance than PE and PVC, but more expensive. The connection method is bonding and flange screw connection, which can be used as sanitary ware pipes, sewage pipes, underground cable pipes, and high-corrosion industrial pipelines. (5) PB tube. The strength is between PE and PP, and the flexibility is between LDPE and HDPE. Its outstanding features are resistance to cold deformation, not easy to break, and good chemical properties. The connection method is hot-melt welding and flange threaded connection. It can be used for water supply pipes, Hot water pipes, gas pipes, buried pipelines, etc. (6) CRP tube. It has good corrosion resistance, light weight, high strength and good plasticity. The connection method is socket rubber ring connection and flange connection. It can be widely used in large-diameter water supply and drainage pipes and petrochemical pipelines.
With the continuous rapid development of my country's economy, PE pipes are widely used in the field of transportation pipelines. PE pipes have opened up an unprecedented market in the construction of national road networks, railway networks, and housing. They have also played a huge role in the development of the west, the transfer of water from the south to the north, and the process of gas transmission from the west to the east. The outstanding toughness characteristics of PE pipe make it have broad application prospects in the trenchless field, and the low price will also become its huge advantage in the future social development.

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