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What are the advantages of micro sprinkler irrigation system


Compared with water-saving irrigation technologies such […]

Compared with water-saving irrigation technologies such as sprinkler irrigation technology and drip irrigation technology, micro-sprinkler irrigation technology has its unique advantages. The specific performance is as follows:
(1) Save water
The use efficiency of irrigation water is high. The water saving of micro-sprinkler irrigation is mainly reflected in reducing the water-bearing soil area, controlling the irrigation depth, and reducing evaporation and leakage losses. In the orchard, the wet area only accounts for 40% to 75% of the total area covered by crop growth. Secondly, by selecting the most suitable rainfall characteristics of the micro-sprinkler, the water utilization rate of the soil moistened body can be further improved.
(2) The system has strong combined performance and easy to use
It is mainly reflected in the adjustment of nozzles and water dividers to form a variety of combinations of spray diameters and rainfall intensities, thus adapting to the different needs of fruit trees growing from saplings to mature trees; in some cases, the micro-sprinkler irrigation system can also be easily converted As a drip irrigation system; the micro-sprinkler can adjust its working position at any time, such as on a tree, between rows or between plants.

(3) Save energy
The design working pressure of the micro-sprinkler is generally between 15-20m water head, and it is a local water supply. Compared with sprinkler irrigation, the water supply and head of the system are greatly reduced, and the energy saving effect is very obvious.
(4) Control the growth of weeds
It is especially obvious when the diameter of the sprayed water does not exceed the shade of the trees, and the ground exposed to the sun cannot get water supply, and weeds are reduced accordingly.
(5) The influence of wind is less than that of sprinkler irrigation system
Due to the low working position of the micro-sprinkler and the small spray elevation angle, it can still work in windy seasons.
(6) Reduce system investment
Because the low-pressure and small-flow water supply method is adopted, the requirements for the water supply capacity of the system are reduced, so that the diameter of the pipes at all levels is reduced, and the pressure level of the pipes is reduced, the power of the system is reduced, and the total investment of the system is greatly increased. decline.
(7) It can control the leaf surface moisture
When using sewage and salt water for irrigation, it can prevent damage to crop leaves. On the contrary, when it is necessary to moisten the leaf surface or improve the field microclimate, the micro-sprinkler can be moved to the tree canopy, and it can also be used to prevent frost disasters.
(8) Contribute to the development and utilization of saline soil
For crops on saline soil, micro-sprinkler irrigation can be used to create a low-salt concentration area in the crop root zone to ensure the normal growth of crops.
(9) Little interference to field operations
Because the pipes and micro-sprinklers are easy to move, they do not affect the operation of farm machinery in the field.

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