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Application of agricultural sprinkler irrigation nozzle


The irrigation method for growing vegetables in greenho […]

The irrigation method for growing vegetables in greenhouses is usually flood irrigation. This method has disadvantages such as large water consumption, easy disease, lowering the room temperature, and affecting the character of vegetables. As people need to eat safer, nutritious and high-quality vegetables, agriculture Sprinkler irrigation nozzles are also increasingly adopted by vegetable farmers.

1. Water seepage irrigation in the greenhouse: Vegetables in the greenhouse have used seepage irrigation as an experimental extension technology for several years, and they have obtained obvious economic benefits. Its method is: use a tube diameter of 10-15 mm, a single-hole plastic thin tube with a pitch of 35 cm and a hole diameter of 1.2 mm on the tube wall as a capillary, one for every 1 meter interval, and buried in the ground 8— Plant vegetables on both sides in 10 cm of soil. The head of the capillary tube is connected with a plastic branch pipe with a diameter of 38 mm by a three-way connection, and a gate valve of the same diameter is installed at the head of the branch pipe and connected to the water source. Open the gate valve when the vegetables are irrigated. This irrigation method requires a total investment of about 570 yuan/mu in irrigation facilities in the shed, which is a new cheap irrigation technique that everyone can use.

2. Small-scale drip irrigation system: The small-scale drip irrigation system is designed and manufactured by a Sino-foreign joint venture, which is widely used in greenhouse vegetable irrigation. The system design only needs a water head of 1 meter pressure to achieve 90% drip irrigation uniformity. The system is easy to design and install mobile. Each set of irrigation facilities (including water source engineering) is purchased as a complete set, divided into 3 types: 1/2 acre, 2/3 acre and 1 acre. Users simply add water to the water tank and open the valve to irrigate the crops.

3. Double-wing hose micro-drip irrigation: Using double-wing hose micro-irrigation tape to act on the irrigator, it can be widely used in small-area fields such as solar greenhouses and greenhouses, and it is very convenient for every household to use. The main feature is good anti-clogging performance, the use of underground water source does not require filtering equipment, the operating water pressure is low (1-3 meters of water column), the field pipelines at all levels use thin-walled coiled hoses, which are small in size and light in weight. It is necessary to invest in expensive water purification and filtration equipment, so it is greatly convenient for each household to use it alone, which is very in line with the current situation of my country's rural areas.

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