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Reel hose or regular garden hose?


This is a very important tool for people who like to sp […]

This is a very important tool for people who like to spend time outside of gardening or beautifying water hoses. If there is no advanced sprinkler system, water pipes must be used to flourish flowers, vegetables and herbs throughout the summer. Traditional style garden hoses are perfect for some people, but others prefer certain functions on coiled hoses.

Standard garden hose

We are all familiar with standard garden hoses. Most of them are green and blend in with the outdoors. They vary in length and can be easily connected to each other in case you own a large property or work that requires extra length.

Old-fashioned or traditional water pipes are very useful, but they also have some disadvantages. They may be so heavy that they cannot be hung in the yard, and over time they will form kinks that restrict water flow. If you don’t have a hose reel or other form of hose storage, it may be a bit annoying in a tidy yard, unless you coil it and put it in the garage after each use.

However, with the development of everything else, the garden hose is also developing. Now you can easily find heavy-duty or kinks-free hoses. You can find models that are lightweight and easy to control. You can also find durable, lightweight lead-free environmentally safe drinking hoses.

With good hose storage equipment, the standard style of garden hose has been the first choice for many people.

Reel hose

If you don’t like the traditional version, you may want to consider a coiled garden hose. The coiled hose looks and functions a bit like a spring. It has a coiled design and can be retracted to its original shape after use, making it quite compact. This hose is very light and will not tangles or kink. Many versions are made of materials that are safe for drinking water.

Of course, this style also has some disadvantages. Since it does not lie flat on the ground like the traditional style, it may collapse potted plants and other plants when you use it incorrectly. For larger areas, it does not work either. It is best used in smaller areas such as terraces.

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