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How to irrigate spray gun type sprinkler irrigation machine


Different sprinkler irrigation machines have different […]

Different sprinkler irrigation machines have different usages in agricultural work, and are suitable for different terrains and crop types. How does the spray gun type sprinkler irrigation machine irrigate?
1. Terraced field sprinkler irrigation
The method of sprinkler irrigation is to follow the ridge, connect all the canvas pipes, set up the sprinkler and bracket at 80 meters of the ridge, with a controllable distance of 100 meters, spray irrigation from far and then back. The angle of rotation of the sprinkler head is 270 degrees, and the range of the sprinkler head can control the upper and lower terraces. The sprinkler irrigation area is more than 12 acres.

2. Hose sprinkler irrigation
Hose sprinkler irrigation is a sprinkler irrigation method adapted to the characteristics of mountainous areas. In the self-pressure sprinkler irrigation, the natural head pressure of the water is used, and the hose is used for diversion for high water and low water use. Self-pressure sprinkler irrigation does not have high requirements on the water head. When working under the pressure of 2 kg/cm², each working pipe is operated by two persons. One person holds the pipe and sprays water along the moist ditch. Drag, twist, and fold on the ground. 1 to 2 mu of sprinkler irrigation per person per day.
Hose sprinkler irrigation can be divided into three types: fixed-point sprinkler irrigation, branch sprinkler irrigation and full-scale sprinkler irrigation. Since the hose is controlled and moved manually, the sprinkler irrigation machine can be adjusted by manual or hand-held sprinklers. The water flow is dispersed into raindrops to sprinkle and irrigate the crops in an all-round way, and it can also be used to spray and irrigate the intercropping crops.
It can be flexibly controlled according to crop types, sowing methods, different growth periods and mountain terraces. The soil quality and climatic conditions are different in different places, and the water requirements of various sprinkler irrigation methods are also inconsistent.

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