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How to choose sprinklers for irrigation


How to choose nozzles in garden irrigation. There are m […]

How to choose nozzles in garden irrigation. There are many varieties of nozzles. According to the range, there are small range nozzles of 0.6 to 5.8 meters, medium and small range nozzles of 4.3 to 9.1 meters, medium range nozzles of 8.5 to 15.9 meters, and large range nozzles of more than 20 meters; According to the spraying type, there are scattering nozzles, ray nozzles, rotating nozzles, and ray rotating nozzles; according to the use occasions, there are garden nozzles, golf nozzles and so on.

These sprinklers can automatically pop out of the ground when the water is pressurized, and retract into the ground when the irrigation stops, which will not affect the mechanical operations on the garden landscape. 1. Small and medium-range sprinklers are mostly rotating sprinklers, such as PGM, 5500 and other gear-driven top-adjustable sprinklers, with a range of 4.3 to 11.3 meters, and a pop-up height of 100mm, 150mm, and 300mm. This sprinkler is suitable for sprinkler irrigation of medium-sized green areas, shrubs and flowers. 2. The small-range nozzles are generally non-rotating scattering nozzles. The ejection heights of these nozzles are 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm and 300mm, and nozzles with various spraying modes or adjustable angles can be selected, and the spraying intensity is greater. It is not only suitable for irrigation of small pieces, but also for irrigation and dust washing of shrubs and hedgerows.
Most of the nozzles of this type of sprinklers are "matched irrigation intensity nozzles", that is, the irrigation intensity is basically the same regardless of whether it is sprayed in a full circle, semicircle, 90 degrees or other angles. This feature is extremely beneficial to ensure the uniformity of the spraying system. 3. Large-range sprinklers, such as Hunter I-31 and Nielsen 7500 series, are driven by rotating gears with tool-adjustable sprinklers on the top, with a range of more than 20 meters. It is characterized by high material strength and good impact resistance. In addition to being used for large-area irrigation, it is especially suitable for sports field irrigation systems. 4. Medium-range sprinklers are mostly rotating sprinklers, such as Hunter I-20, PGP series, Nielsen 6000, 6500 buried rotating sprinklers, 5004 fish and birds, etc. These sprinklers are suitable for irrigation of medium-sized green areas.
This type of nozzle has two ejection heights of 100mm and 300mm, which are suitable for large-area irrigation. Among them, the I-20 nozzle is equipped with a non-overflow valve, and optional stainless steel lifting column, with a unique valve on the top, which can individually shut off a nozzle when the system is running, which is convenient for maintenance or nozzle replacement.

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