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Application of intelligent irrigation system in courtyard garden


Application of intelligent irrigation system in courtya […]

Application of intelligent irrigation system in courtyard garden

The courtyard is a continuation of the building and an important place for family members' activities. A beautiful, smart and safe courtyard will surely make you live more comfortably and at ease!
Why do you need a courtyard smart irrigation system

1. Smart irrigation

To set up the irrigation program, it can be fully automatic operation, automatically closed in rainy days, and open automatically in sunny days. For the garden management of resort villas, it is a boon.
2. Precision irrigation

The lawn, flowering shrubs, grass flowers and moss are controlled in different zones, and different irrigation procedures can be set to meet the water requirements of different plants and realize precise irrigation management.

3. Save labor

At present, the irrigation of almost all villa courtyards in China is carried out manually, and most of the tools used are a primitive rubber tube. This method is a waste of manpower and water, and it is incompatible with modern courtyard configuration. In garden management, with this intelligent irrigation system, the owner or garden housekeeper basically does not need to water manually, and the investment cost can be recovered in two to three years by saving labor costs.

4. Improve garden quality

Precise and intelligent irrigation management can greatly increase the survival rate of transplanted plants, and proper water and fertilizer management can make plants grow better; the microclimate created by automatic watering can wash away plant leaves and dust and improve the living environment; when irrigation, The sprinkler irrigator has a variety of waterscape shapes, adding a dynamic landscape to the courtyard and improving the quality of the garden.

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